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01-IMG_1058a-ws FSC Campus - southwest entrance at Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Johnson Street 02-1949Intairoplaneview FSC Campus - Aerial View c. 1949 - Interlachen 1949 03-36-36-IMG_1447 FSC Campus - View from across Lake Hollingsworth 04-IMG_1144-ws FSC Campus - Administration Building and historical marker 05-IMG_1965c-ws FSC Campus - Historical marker in front of Administration Building 06-IMG_a-ws FSC Campus - Historical marker detail 07-IMG_2026-ws FSC Campus - Scenic view 08-IMG_1972c-ws FSC Campus - Roux Library (1968) designed by Nils Schweizer 09-IMG_1138-ws FSC Campus - Tree & bushes 10-IMG_1255-ws FSC Campus - Placid walkway 11-IMG_1422-ws FSC Campus - Esplanade with Carillon 12-IMG_1389-ws FSC Campus - View of tree with Seminar Buildings and Roux Library 13-IMG_1425-ws FSC Campus - Scenic view of Polk County Science Building 14-IMG_1426 FSC Campus - Polk County Science Building detail with Annie Pfeiffer Chapel 15-IMG_1983-ws FSC Campus - Branscomb Auditorium (1964) 16-IMG_1986-ws FSC Campus - Lake Hollingsworth from Branscomb Auditorium 17-IMG_1061-ws FSC Campus - View across Lake Hollingsworth from Campus 18-IMG_1064-ws FSC Campus - Shrine at the Garden of Meditation 19-IMG_1413-ws FSC Campus - Frank Lloyd Wright designed sundial 20-IMG_2009-ws FSC Campus - Sundial detail 21-IMG_1136-ws FSC Campus - Frank Lloyd Wright plaque from the students of FSC 22-IMG_1063-ws FSC Campus - Taking names 23-IMG_2003-ws FSC Campus - The Pearce Centennial Tower (1985) 24-IMG_1274c-ws FSC Campus - Neighborhood Osprey enjoying breakfast atop The Pearce Centennial Tower 25-IMG_2064-ws FSC Campus - Wall mural in the Ludd M. Spivey Fine Arts Center
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