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Florida Southern College and the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

"...out of the ground and into the light, a child of the sun."
Frank Lloyd Wright describing work at Florida Southern College.


One can accomplish little without the assistance, tutelage and support of others.  I am no exception to this rule. Many have supported me in this project in one form or another if only to express interest and curiosity.  Following are some of those I have relied on and received much from.

At Florida Southern College, Lynn Dennis and Terry Dennis gave me the time and resources I needed to get the project started.  Tommy Young provided information that helped to fill in the gaps.  And Randall MacDonald was most helpful in locating and scanning the historical images that are used throughout the site.

At Crealdé School of Art my instructors helped me develop and hone my photographic skills, and I owe all of them my gratitude:  Peter Schreyer, Rick Lang, Milton Heiberg, and Chris Bolton.  Rick Lang provided the additional assistance of helping edit the images.

At Seminole Community College, photography instructor Tony Cekolin got me started on the project, and Betty Porter helped me improve my writing skills.

Last but not least, my lovely wife Sue serves as my constant editor, proofreader, source of encouragement and best friend for which I am eternally grateful.


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